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High quality website presentations with excelent SERP - first page positions in fulltext-browsers like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

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Your web on the top

There are milions of websites, but there is nothing more important for e-marketing then website best possible SERP (Search Engine Results Page).
If you desire high quality website, opitimized for mobile phones and other portable media, working impeccably in all web browsers and more important with leading possitions in Google, Yahoo or Bing you are at the right address!
Is your budget for PPC campaigns a financial burden you need to carry to heavy? Would you like to reduce your costs invested to PPC campaigns significantly? Do you want to reach a first pages in full text browsers and keep it in long term period? Do you want to save a hundreds of dollars which you gonna pay for graphic design, logo, website structure design draft, initial SEO set-up and its own website creation?
If your answers to this enquiries are yes, you are at the right address! Please contact us vie our contact form and we will propose you our best offer and suggestions for your website. I am personally looking forward for our long term and fruitful corporation.

What do we offer?

Our company focus its main effort to high quality and precise made website creation, their Search Engine Optimization and overall website services. Our complete website service guarantees flawless performance of the website, it keeps your web up to date, continuous SEO implementation, necessary redesign or implementation of new structure of the website.

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Website creation

High quality, modern, well arranged, fast loaded, responsive, optimized websites for the prices that are astonishing.


SEO support

Long-term continuously implemented SEO guaranties great SERP – first pages in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc...

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Website maintenance

No time to maintenance your website? You can leave all necessary issues connected with all website to us.

Our services are provided free of charges for first 3 months!

Enhance your website with first positions in Google Bing or Yahoo, gain new customers and let your business flourish throughout cool SERP. We are aware, that implemented SEO can bring positive results in long term period, will church our services firstly after 3 months.

The benefits of cooperation with us

Our job with handover of the website does not end. We are capable to provide a complete web service for you and your business. Your website will be always fully operational and accessible to your clients. We can take care of its updates, redesign and its continuous search engine optimization, which will bring leading positions in full-text browsers. Let us to take care of your website. We can guarantee full satisfaction not only with excellent SERP, that will bring you a new customers.


Website creation

We create fully optimized, responsive, modern and fully operational websites with excellent SERP, which will push your business to new level.

Website optimization

Correct structure, responsive design, functional and efficient navigation, are the good signs of high quality and successful website.

Website services

You don't have a time to take care of your website? No required positions in full-text browsers reached? Nevermind, you are at the right address, we can help you to change it!

Analytics tools

We implement Google analytics and other required analytic instruments into your website. Theese tools will help you to manage and set-up effective e-marketing.

Content management

High-quality content, the most important part of your website, needs to be interesting not only for your clients, but at the same time must be understandable for full-text browses bots. We will help you to manage this important issue.

SEO Services

Well done SEO is a necessary condition for reaching the best SERP. Optimal set-up of all on-page and off-page factors, interconnection of website and all used social networks, interesting and high-quality content brings the best positions in full-text browsers.


Several samples of our clients websites.

lemiragehotel website
Lemirage hotel, Greece

Eko-lux website
Eko Lux, Poland

Eko-lux website
Railing Godula, Czechia

Ripple shop
Ripple shop, Czechia

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